CAIXA Cartões Holding S.A. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Caixa Econômica Federal. It was founded on December 20, 2018 as a privately held corporation, within the context of reorganizing CAIXA’s equity interests in the payment methods market, so as to consolidate the Payment Processing Solutions (Acquisition), Loyalty, Prepaid Instruments and Card Brand businesses into a single government-controlled private holding company.

CAIXA Cartões’s Corporate Governance model aims to sustainably grow the business in the long run, following the best market practices and maintaining transparent relationships with the Parent Company and other stakeholders, such as partners, employees, creditors, clients and society in general.

In line with the best practices and committed to governance principles, CAIXA Cartões consolidated its organizational basis, building its own governance framework, and modeled and implemented its structure of collective bodies in 2020.

The Company’s corporate governance system makes decisions collectively, complying with legal provisions and its Articles of Incorporation. It consists of Shareholders’ Meetings, the Statutory Management Bodies (Board of Directors and Executive Board), Supervision (Fiscal Council), and Auxiliary Management Bodies (Eligibility Committee and Audit Committee), with the latter ones shared with CAIXA.

As a result, the current governance and management model prioritizes transparency and ethics across our activities, in line with the vision of the Company’s Strategic Plan, further producing sustainable results for shareholders and stakeholders.

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