History and Corporate Profile

CAIXA Cartões Holding S.A. (CAIXA Cartões or Company) is a privately held corporation and wholly-owned subsidiary of Caixa Econômica Federal (CAIXA or Parent Company), with the corporate purpose of (i) managing equity interests – by acquiring or disposing of interests in already existing companies or companies formed by the Company, either public or private, with or without control, whose corporate purpose is related to payment methods; and (ii) exploring any commercial rights or activities linked to said market.

The Company started up in January 2020, with a structured corporate governance model aiming for sustainable long-term growth, following the best market practices and maintaining transparent relationships with the Parent Company and other stakeholders, such as partners, employees, creditors, clients and society in general.

CAIXA Cartões was founded to be Caixa Conglomerate’s payment methods ecosystem, operating in various business verticals, fostering the necessary transversal business activities inherent in a government-controlled private holding company and reinforcing its systemic vision as a critical competence to create value, in order to boost opportunities and generate results synergy, drawing on CAIXA’s brand strength, customer base and desks.

CAIXA Cartões operations in the strategic vertical of card brands have materialized through its equity interest in Elo Serviços S.A. (since December 2020). Elo is a Brazilian card brand created in 2011 by the Banks CAIXA, Banco do Brasil and Bradesco, the payment arrangement institutions in charge of managing the payment arrangement rules and the relationship among the participants.

In April 2021, CAIXA Cartões established a commercial strategic partnership with Fiserv, a global leader in payments and financial services, to exclusively offer payment method solutions (acquisition) to CAIXA’s clients for the next 20 years. The partnership aims to reach a relevant market share in the industry, combining a bank that boasts Brazil’s largest capillarity with one of the world’s largest financial services company, with a focus on technology, innovation and a products and services portfolio that meets the needs of Brazilian companies and entrepreneurs.

As for Prepaid Cards, so as to enjoy the opportunities created by this fast-growing segment accelerated by the current scenario that favored the adoption of new technologies and the expansion of electronic payment methods, in May 2021 we went into partnership with the groups VR Benefícios and Fleetcor, which are authorities in the segments where they operate, to combine CAIXA’s brand strength and desks with their expertise and technology.

The payment methods industry is recognized for being in constant change. As a result, it is fundamentally important to keep track of environmental innovation and trends to quickly integrate new products and services into the holding company and continually create value.

The Company realized it has a great potential to unlock in light of its ability to go into partnerships, structure key business lines and create synergy with already existing products in CAIXA’s portfolio, coupled with the sales force of its counter.

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