Procurement and Contracting

This section provides information about procurement and contracting at CAIXA Cartões Holding S.A., pursuant to Law 13,303/16 and supplementary legislation.

CAIXA Cartões also complies with CAIXA’s Bidding Process and Contract Regulations.

Bidding Process and Contract Regulations

The Executive Board of CAIXA Cartões approved adherence to the Bidding Process and Contract Regulations on February 18, 2020 and started to adopt the bidding process and contract rules established in Law 13,303/16.

The Regulations establish general rules for bidding processes and contracts related to works and services, including advertising, purchases, disposals and rentals within the scope of CAIXA and its conglomerate, pursuant to Law 13,303/16 and Decree 8,945/16.

Bidding Processes

Notices and downloads of the respective bid notices relating to electronic procurement and other types of bids, or the results of bidding processes are available at

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