Purpose, Vision and Values

The planning of CAIXA Cartões is strategically aligned with CAIXA’s corporate guidelines, so as to increase the Company’s relevance in strategic businesses and further its clear and results-driven positioning, maximizing the Conglomerate’s efficiency in this market.

CAIXA Cartões’s strategic identity was based on a collaborative and interactive work that involved the Company’s team and stakeholders, addressing different elements, such as business environment analysis, how the company would like to be remembered, strategic themes and vision for the future, being translated as follows:

The Company’s Purpose, which inspires and guides its steps, is: “To simplify the payment experience of all Brazilians.”

The Company’s Vision is: “To be a payment methods ecosystem that is relevant to all Brazilians.”

The Company’s Mission shows its priority: “To offer payment method solutions that have a positive impact on the sustainable development of society with accessibility, inclusion and transparency.”

Finally, the Company’s Values, which reflect our ideals of attitude, behavior and results followed by our employees, have been based on practical affirmations, making them tangible in our daily business routine, that is:

  • Integrity: We act as humans in all our relationships, always working with honesty;
  • Collaboration: We cultivate a reliable, collaborative and equal environment that allows the development of everyone;
  • Protagonism: We play a leading, proactive and responsible role before everyone, with no distinction;
  • Excellence: We conduct our business activities with excellence, with innovation driving our purpose;
  • Agility: We conduct our business and make our decisions with agility;
  • Socio-Environmental Responsibility: We are committed to creating shared value.

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